Synapse X Discord Server – Complete Guide

Synapse X Discord is a powerful scripting engine and easy to use. Synapse allows for unparalleled compatibility, speed, and stability with all the script made it due to the state of the art of Synapse Lua Engine. It is a very cool type of a server that has voice communication and everything you can say about synapse.

Synapse X Discord has powerful features that make your experience better. Synapse X Discord allows you to set up the varieties of setting that allows for particular protections and features. Synapse X Discord is entirely safe and easy to use, and it can’t damage and affect your system in a bad manner. Due to its product nature, every virus detection is a false positive.

Synapse X Discord
Synapse X Discord

How to Install and Join Synapse X Discord

After purchasing the Synapse X Discord,  you can get an email with the serial key; for security purpose, don’t share your serial key with anyone if you share the serial key with anyone, then someone could easily steal your license; here is the example of an email which is shown below in the image.

Installation of Synapse X

You can download Synapse X Discord by going to the link shown below; first, you have to download and then extract the .zip files.

Here is a link:

After extracting, you can automatically join the Synapse X Discord.

Functionalities of Synapse X Discord

There are a lot of functions of Synapse X Discord; these main functions are given below:

Environment Functions

  • Get Global Environment: It is used to return the Environment, and Synapse X runs it, and it will be utilized for each script.
  • Get Environment: It is used for the local-script state and to return the global Environment.
  • Get Registry: used to return the Registry.
  • Get Garbage Collection: Used to return all the values of user data within the GC.
  • Get Instances: Used to get all the instances in the game.
  • Get Scripts: used to get all the scripts in the game.
  • Get Loaded Modules: Used to get all the loaded module scripts in the game.

Script Functions

  • Get Script Environment: used to get the scripts in the Environment; errors may occur if the scripts are not loaded appropriately in the memory.
  • Get Calling Script: Used to return the script that is calling the function.

Table Functions

  • Get Raw Metatable: Used to get the values of the metatable.
  • Set Raw Metatable: Used to appropriately set the values of the metatable.
  • Set Read-Only: Used to set the values.
  • Is Readonly: It is used to retrieve the read-only condition.

Input Functions

  • Is Active
  • Keyboard
  • Left Click
  • Right Click
  • Mouse Movement

Hooking Functions

  • Hook Function
  • New C Closure

Reflection Function

  • Load String
  • Check Caller
  • Is Lua Closure
  • Dump String
  • Decompile

Console Functions

  • Console Print: is used to print the message into the console.
  • Console info: is used to print the message with text before the information.
  • Console warn: is used to print the message with a text warning before it.
  • Console Error
  • Console Clear
  • Console Name

File System Functions

  • Read File: This function is used to read the path where the File is located; it shows an error if the File does not exist.
  • Write File: is used to write content to the given path.
  • Append File
  • Load File: it is used to load the File in the form of chunks and return it when the compilation is completed successfully.
  • List Files: Returns the list of files in the form of a folder.
  • Is Folder
  • Make folder
  • Delete Folder
  • Delete File

Miscellaneous Functions

  • Set Clipboard: is used to give the value to Clipboard.
  • Set Fast Flag
  • Get Namecall Method
  • Get Special Info
  • Save Instance
  • Message Box

Features of Synapse X Discord

Customization: you can easily customize your server with Synapse X Discord

Here are some main functionalities of Synapse X Discord

  1. Configuration
  • Greeting Message: When you log in with Synapse X Discord, the greeting message will display on the interface that is Welcome to Synapse X
  • Leaving Message: When you logoff then the leaving message will display on the screen that is Say-Good Bye to Dyno
  • Autorole: In the auto role feature, you set your role
  • Leveling up: In this feature, you earn money by chatting with others, and you increase your level
  • Moderation Command: It helps you to provide more information
  1. Utility
  • You can kick others, which violates the rules
  • You can ban others who don’t follow the rule
  1. Economy
  • Rob the bank which is near to you to collect more money
  1. Leveling
  • You can up your level by chatting with others

Benefits of Synapse X Discord

  • It has powerful features
  • It is easy to use
  • Ability to tackle and fix problems
  • The interface is too much friendly.


This is all about the Synapse X Discord; I hope this post will solve your queries related to the Synapse X Discord; I explain everything in detail about how to install and join the functionalities and features of the Synapse X Discord. This post will help you all about these above things.


Q: How much does Synapse X cost?

Answer: The price range lies between 15-20 USD.

Q: How to install Synapse X Discord?

Ans: Its quite simple, You have to read and utilized the information in the above section of how to install.

Q: How to join with the Synapse X Discord?

Ans: Just need to read and follow the above guidelines; this will definitely help you to join with the Synapse X Discord.

Q: Is Synapse X Lifetime?

Ans: Its Activation takes up to 24 to 48 hours.

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