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Owo is a discord bot that is made by a discord user scuttler. The Bot has a lot of varieties of social commands and comical commands, which include a lot of funny aspects to your feel at Discord. Owo has primary commands that are related to the animals which you can sell, hunt down, sacrifice, and you can fight with other users, and it saves the track of your Owos.

Owo Bot Discord provides you a platform where you are in the world where the world is filled with diverse wildlife where you can catch animals, grow your zoo, improve the abilities of your hunting, and be a part of the community.

Owo Bot Discord
Owo Bot Discord

How to Create Bot in Discord

As you know that Discord is one of the famous and it is best known for its chat application, especially for devs and gamers. People enjoy it because of its efficiency and free. One of the great things of Discord is interchange bot on servers in order to achieve its interactiveness.

You will need to follow some concrete steps if you want to create a Bot in Discord; these concrete steps are written below:

  • Firstly it is making sure that you are logged on on the Discord Website.
  • You will go to the application page.
  • You have to click on the New Application Button.
  • You will provide the name to the application, and then you have to click on create
  • Now create the Bot user by moving to the bot tab and you have click on add bot.

That’s all.

Commands of Owo Bot Discord

There are some specific commands of Owo Bot Discord, which are written below :

  • Owo Help: It shows the commands list.
  • Owo Top: It exposes the ranking order of the Owos
  • Owo Me: It shows your guild’s ranking.
  • Owo Money: It shows how much cOwoncy you have actually
  • Owo Daily: Catch your daily cOwoncy
  • Owo Zoo: Shows your Zoo
  • Owo ( Question): reply Yes or No question
  • Owo Feedback: sending the message to the Admin
  • Rankings: my, top
  • Economy: give, daily, vote
  • Animals: hunt, shop, equipment, buy, auto hunt, Owodex, battle, pets, zoo
  • Gambling: coinflip, lottery, drop, blackjack, slots
  • Fun: gif, pic, translate, define, 8b
  • Social: curse, ship, pray, cookie
  • Meme Generators: isthisa, slapcar, spongebobchicken, drake, distracted bf, blush, cry, dance, powt, shrug, lewd, sleepy, smile, thumbs up, wag, smug
  • Emotes: teehee, triggered, deredere, thinking, thonking, scoff, happy, thumbs, grin, cuddle, hug, insult, lick, nom, kiss, pat, slap, stare, pok, high five
  • Actions: bite, greet, punch, kill, tickle, hand-holding, hold, pats, boop, wave
  • Utility: guidelink, stats, feedback, link, disable, avatar, sensor, Patreon

These, above all, the main command which you will see in the Owo Bot discord.


This platform is used to give information related to the Discord Servers and Discord Bots. Discord bots have changed the paradigm of the development of the chatbots.

Functionalities of Owo Bot Discord

Below is a list of the main functionalities that the Owo Bot Discord performs; these functionalities are written below:

  • Commands: Talk
  • All Commands: Talk
  • Auto Hunting: Talk
  • Weapons: Talk
  • All Animals: Talk

Benefits of Owo Bot Discord

There are a lot of benefits of Owo Bot Discord; these benefits are written below:

  • It has Unlimited users
  • It has unlimited users
  • It is so easy to use
  • It is mobile friendly
  • It is free to use
  • Notification customization on a per-channel basis
  • Also working on the Andriod app and IOS app
  • It has vast webhook support
  • Easy to set up and fast connections
  • Its User Interface is clean and friendly
  • Embedding code is excellent
  • Offer customizable permissions and ranks

Top Discord Bots

Here is a list of top discord bots, this list is given below:

  • Epic RPG: It is an RPG loyalty bot; Epic RPG is a comical and funny Discord Bot dedicated to creating to bring user friendly through an economy. With EPIC RPG installed, you can utilize commands to combat, hunt, and search for loot and coins.
  • MEE6: You can utilize commands to combat with other users, and there are daily basis events regularly for users or players to participate together, such as minibosses and dungeons. Discord Players can buy imaginary items in the shop to expose off their level in the server.
  • Pokecord: It is a Pokemon loyalty inspired Bot, it is known as one of the best bots discord of all the time; discord users use the command to combat with other users or friends.
  • NuggetBot: It is a type of Multipurpose Moderation Bot; it has moderation, automated commands, entertainment, etc.


This post is all about Owo Bot Discord; I hope this post will solve all the queries related to the Owo Bot Discord; this post includes how to create a Bot in Discord, commands of Owo Bot Discord, and about the functionalities of Owo Bot Discord. If you are willing to know about Owo Bot Discord, this post will help you guide you in detail.


Q: What can the Owo Bot Discord do?

Ans: You need to read the above information written in the Owo Bort Discord and the command section.

Q: Is Owo Bot Discord free?

Ans: Yes, it is free, that’s why most people love it, and it is efficient and awesome.

Q: How to use Owo Bot Discord?

Ans: Its quite simple; what will you do? You have to read the above guidelines.

Q: What is the command of Owo Bot Discord?

Ans: Its quite easy; you need to go to the command section of this post.

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