How to Uninstall Discord – Complete Guide

Before going to that, how to Uninstall Discord if you don’t know what is Discord? So let’s start with the Discord:

Discord is a popular application designed for gamers. It is an American application designed by Janson Citron. It provides an excellent and fantastic platform for gamers to talk with each other; it allows them to chat with each other in video, voice, text messages, etc. This Application is similar to Team Speak, Skype. It is a free platform and very useful for video game players and providing them an open platform to find each other and talk while playing and coordinate with each other in the game.


This application support Windows, Android, macOS, Linux, web browser, iOS. Now there are around 300 million users of this software. The download and installation of Discord are elementary. If you want to uninstall Discord then also you can easily uninstall this Application. You even disable your account. We slowly describe all of these points below.

In the below, we are showing how to uninstall Discord from your device.

How to uninstall Discord from your Windows

For deleting purposes, as usual, you have to go to the control panel and then search Discord, and right-click on this choose delete button and delete this Application. Then you have to delete this from the file menu also then it will be deleted from your device; if this is not deleted from your device, then you must follow the below instruction that is given in the form of steps:

  • First of all, you have to go to task manager
  • Then search discord application in this
  • In the next, right-click on this, and you got many options, but you have to click on only click End task button.
  • After that, you have to go to Control Panel and click on Programs and features.
  • Then you get your installed Application, but you choose Discard Application only.

uninstall discort

  • Then click on the uninstall button and uninstall this program.
  • After that, go to the main menu and search RUN and then type %appdata%, then click on OK.
  • Then it shows you some program out of these; you choose Discord, then right-click on this and click the Delete button.
  • After that, again open run and click %localappdata% click on the OK button, and we get many programs out of these programs; we choose to Discard and right-click on this and click on the delete button, and after that finally, it is deleted permanently from your system.

By following all the above guidelines, you will able to uninstall Discord Application from your windows.

How to Uninstall Discord on Mac

There are some concrete steps; if you want to uninstall Discord on Mac, these steps will help you understand how to Uninstalled Discord. These concrete steps are written below:

1. First of all, make sure that Discord is not executing in the background; if the Discord application runs in the background, there is a chance of errors during the installation process.

If you look at the Discord icon in the menu bar on the top right side of your screen, select Discord by right-clicking.

1 step of Mac

2. Go to the Mac app folder and open it. This folder includes all the installed apps on your computer.

You can detect your app folder on open Finder or Dock, and open it by pressing the keys  Shift+ Command+A.

2 step of Mac

3. Go to the application folder and find the Discord Application; it looks like a white gamepad icon in a blue circle.

3 step of mac

4. Drag the Discord Application to Trash. Move the icon of the Discord app from your Application and drop it to the trash bin.

By dragging and dropping, you can delete any app on Mac.

4 step on mac

5. Find the trash bin on your Dock and right-click on it to list the options on a pop-menu.

5 step on Mac

To permanently deleting everything in your Trash bin and remove the Discord Application from your system, Click empty trash on the pop-menu.

6 step on mac

How to Disable Discord auto-run

After finishing the installation process, Discord automatically moves into the Windows Startup. There are many methods to disable its auto-run using the Operating system (Windows) or program itself.

  1. Through Discord Settings

First of all, visit the User settings and then go to the windows setting tab and select it, open Discord where Startup Behavior turn off. The user can continuously revert the program to startup.

Through Discord Setting
Through Discord Settings
  1. Through Windows Settings

Go to the task manager and open it by pressing the keys Ctrl plus Shift plus Esc and visit the startup tab. Spotlight Discord, and you have to click on Disable.

Through windows Setting
Through windows Settings


It is all about How to Uninstall Discord, after reading this post, you should know about how to Uninstall Discord; I explained that how to Uninstall Discord on windows and Mac; I hope this post will help you regarding this. If you have further queries, then contact us through a comment below in the comment section.


Q: How to uninstall Discord on Mac?

Ans: Go to the above to How to Uninstalled Discord on Mac section, read the guidelines, and you will easily do this.

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