How to Set a Custom Playing Status on Discord

Discord is a chat app that has quickly become the preferred method of communication among gamers all around the world.

Discord can do a lot more than simply send a text or a voice message, and it has a number of useful features for gamers, such as custom servers, voice channels, and numerous integrations.

The most important aspect of Discord is that it allows users to personalize their experience in a number of ways.

It doesn’t matter if it’s about nicknames, usernames, emotes, backdrop, or text layout.

Discord also supports a broad range of bots, as well as allowing developers to experiment and create their own custom versions of the main program.

As a result, the options are limitless, and gamers & regular users alike appreciate the numerous customization choices.

Discord added the option to create custom statuses in the app to enable users to personalize their experience even further.

As a result, Discord automatically detects and shows the game you’re presently playing as your status. You may, however, modify it to any status you choose.

How to Set a Custom Playing Status on Discord
How to Set a Custom Playing Status on Discord

How to Customize Your Discord Playing Status

When you start a game on Discord, you’ll see an active status. Here’s how to alter and personalize that status to your liking.

When you launch a game (or another program) alongside Discord, Discord adds a status displaying the name and in-game time of the game you’re now playing.

We’ll go through how to enable the Activity status on Discord, as well as a quick approach on customizing it to fit your needs, in this post.

The Activity Status feature in Discord should be activated:  

The Discord status comes in handy when you want to live broadcast a game in voice channels or just let people know you’re busy gaming.

To enable the Discord Activity status, follow these steps:

  • Beside your username, click the Gear symbol.
  • From the left sidebar, choose Activity status.
  • Select the option to display current activities as a status message and turn it on.

Most of the time, Discord identifies and reports on the games that are running on your computer, but you may add more by clicking Add It.

How to Personalize Discord’s Playing Status

Because of their unique Discord status, you may have observed your pals playing unreleased games. This is how it’s done:

  • Lunch program and leave it running in the background.
  • Open Discord and, as mentioned earlier, add the program to the Activity status.
  • The “No game detected” status will now change to green and display the application name.
  • Change the name of the software to anything different, such as “Red Dead Redemption 3.”
  • The update will be shown in real-time on your Activity status.

If Discord identifies the game name, it will immediately put a software icon next to the status. To confirm the change, go to a server and click on your username in the right sidebar.

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You have the option of keeping your gaming activity private or adding a status every time you start a game.

Discord gives you that power, and the final decision is yours. You may also change your status and play previously unpublished games to impress your pals.

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