How to Get someone’s IP from Discord

After reading this complete post, you will be able to get someone’s IP from Discord, so before moving on how to get someone’s IP from Discord, you have to know about somethings, and you would have some question about this so let’s move on!

What is a Discord IP resolver, and how does it works?

A Discord IP resolver is used to detect the IP address of a specific user. However, by using Wireshark, you cannot find out someone’s IP address from Discord. Furthermore, no Discord IP resolver helps you to retrieve Discord IP from others.

How to get someone’s IP?


There are a couple of different reasons why you should get someone’s IP address. Perhaps, you want to make or develop a protected relationship between two devices and maybe permission someone access to your business system. Possibly you need to block an IP address or boycott device while staying anonymous. On the other hand, maybe you want to trace someone online to find someone’s location.

On discord you are not directly connected with others so it needs social engineering, when you are chatting with social media websites its possible to find someone’s IP address.

So there are some steps that help you to find someone’s IP on discord, these steps are given below:

  1. This is the first step to finding someone’s IP on discord is, first of all you have to send a link to the person that you want to find IP on discord to an IP logger site. When the person will click on the link which you send, it will log the IP address of the person’s device and then, send back to you. So, by doing this you can easily find someone’s IP from Discord. Severals sites provides free IP logging services, and must have the domain knowledge about what you going to do before utilizing those services.
  2. This is the second step to finding someone’s IP, you can get someone’s IP using Discord externally. You just have to send a link to that specific individual on his/ her account when that particular individual receive that link and click on it then you can easily get that individual IP address.
  3. By using a third party program, you can also get someone’s IP, and you can take that person IP offline; for this thing you must used VPN with discord.
  4. The another way to get someone’s IP on discord is, first you have to copy a link of that particular person and paste that link in the URL section on grabify and then generate URL, and then send it then you have to click on tracking and when the other side of person will click on it, you will get his IP. That’s all.

If you will follow these above instructions, then it is making sure you can easily get an IP address from Discord.

How to Ban Someone IP in Discord?

In Discord, automatically, all bans are IP based, which means that when you prohibit someone’s IP address from your Discord server, no one utilizing this specific IP address will have the choice to enter. There is some step about how to boycott or ban someone IP address in Discord. These concrete steps are given below.

  1. First of all, you have to execute from either the versatile application, desktop application, or by using the URL that is given below

  1. You will require to sign in with your credentials to access the server.
  2. Once you have signed in, go and select the server from the left of the screen. They will be existed there starting just below the Discord symbol, which lies at the top.
  3. Find out the User whose you want to boycott or ban from the server just by clicking on the channel that they are presently in.
  4. You should be capable of looking at the individuals who are present in the VoIP channels just by seeing in the main panel. To detect individuals in text chat channels, now you will have to click on them.
  5. When you detect or find out the User, either in the text VoIP channel, then right-click on the name of that User to pull up the menu.
  6. From the menu, in the end, you will look Ban (username). By left-click on this to bring up another discourse box.
  7. The pop up will request you confirm your decision to boycott the User.
  8. Then, click on Ban affirm and permanently remove it that the IP address of the User from approaching your Discord server. That all.


This is all about getting someone’s IP from Discord, don’t try to hack anyone IP address from Discord. In a real manner, another person cant has any idea about your iP address from Discord unless if you let them know. There is a point when you click some kind of links from others; Perhaps you may unsecure your IP address. So, do not click to connect sent from anonymous.


Q:  How to Ban someone’s IP from Discord?

Ans: Everything is provided in detail; you need to go to the above How to Ban someone’s IP from Discord section and just read it and implement all step by step, you can easily ban someone’s IP from Discord.

Q: Is Discord ok for kids?

Ans: Discord can be safe or touchy. In every case, it permits any client to make both private and open gathering; the danger for kids can be contingent, gigantic upon how they utilize it.

Q: Is getting someone’s IP address illicit?

Ans: The IP address is clear and concise information. Most of the time, the IP address cannot comply with the User’s name or other personal detail.

Q: Is Discord safe from Hackers?

Ans: Hackers can use Discord for spreading malware. The most extensively recognized form of malware in Discord is RAT, which stands for Remote Access Trojan.

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