How to Add Roles in Discord – Complete Guide

Discord is a fantastic chatting application for gamers. It provides an excellent communication platform to gamers when they play games with their other gamers friends; the chat can be in different ways, like in video, voice, and text messages. It is remarkable, according to the gamer’s perception. Discord permits users to host and create their servers and can freely join and invite other servers.

There is an extent of options and roles to assign. If you are hosting a broad server and want to renovate your roles and permissions without taking more time to do so, you have an option to add bots to your server that will coordinate this for you.

All of these permits is a binary choice, so there is a lot of a possible number of combinations of permits. Assigning each of these permits would be tiresome, but what if there are 100 or thousands of users on a server? Then the task would not be possible.

How to add roles in Discord

How to Add Roles in Discord

The Discord permit system depends on the roles that you assign to your users. These permits can be designated at the server level and particular channel levels within the server.

Collectively, there are 29 permits on Discord, divided between text, voice, and general. An example of one of the roles would be if the server administrator made the role moderator. This role could be provided to the facility to ban and mute other members within your server.

Discord Server Permissions

Discord gives a lot of various permits that can be designate to a single member or user. A user can be provided one of many permits, and a combination of these permits provide that specific member a role. The roles itself don’t have particular titles. Alternatively, you have to enable or disable permits for a user to alternate their role.

The permissions which can be enabled for a member in Discord server are:

General Permissions:

  • Manage Server: Alter the server’s title or move region.
  • Manage Channels: Make new channels and delete or edit current ones.
  • Manage Roles: Make new roles and delete or edit those roles which are lower than this one.
  • View Audit Log: Access to watch the audit logs of the server.
  • Administrator: Each permit and bypass channel particular permits.
  • Kick Member: Remove the user from the server.
  • Ban Member: Ban a user from the server. 
  • Change Nickname: Alter their nickname.
  • Manage Nicknames: Alter the nicknames of others.
  • Manage Emojis: Remove or add emoji that can be utilized on the server.
  • Manage Webhooks: Make, delete, and edit webhooks.
  • Read Text Channels and See Voice Channels: Read all those text-based channels on the server and watch video char.
  • Create Invite: Create invites or send them to members for the server.

Text Permissions

  • Manage Messages: Remove messages by other users or pin any message.
  • Send TTS Messages: Send the text to speech messages to everyone in the channel.
  • Send Messages: Send a text message on the channels.
  • Embed Links: Send link on the channel.
  • Attach Files: Sends file on the channel.
  • Read Message History: Look message history for a channel.
  • Mention @ here, @everyone, and all Roles: Send a message over a channel that will alarm everyone or everyone with a specific role in the channel.
  • Use External Emojis: Utilize emojis from other servers in this server.
  • Add Reactions: Add fresh reactions to a message.

Voice Permissions

  • Connect: Flow into this server.
  • Mute: Mute a user in a specific channel or the whole server.
  • Deafen: Boycott members from hearing other members on voice channels.
  • Move: Move users between channels both the users and they are moving to have access.
  • Priority Speaker: Member will be more easily heard when speaking. The volume for other members will be less when this member talks.
  • Use Voice Activity: Use push to talk over a channel if this permission is not allowed.

Voice Permission

How to Add Roles in Discord

Its time to make some structure and add roles for some of your most trusted users!

1. First of all, login to Discord to access your server.

step 12. Now right-click on your server on the left in the column, select server settings, and select roles.


step 23. Now go to the top of the center pane to add a role by clicking on the small “+” sign.


step 3

4. Give the role’s name something descriptive and designate its color because colors are significant; they inform and clarify users of each other’s roles.

step 4

5. Look and review all 28 permissions, toggling on those you want to relate to that role.

Step 5

6. Now you have select save changes from the bottom. If you forget this to save the changes, then a dialogue box will display to remind you to do this first you can proceed.

Repeat for every role which you want to make or create.

Designating the various permission levels to different roles permits you to make a hierarchy according to trust. You can designate new roles to newbies and larger roles with more permits to those who know well.

To Assign a role to a User.

  • Go to the right-hand pane and select the user that you want to work with.

Assign a role Step 1

  • Select the small + sign below the username and choose the role from the menu.

Assign a role Step 2

Repeat this step for each member on your server.

By right-clicking on the user, you can also add roles fastly, choosing roles, and then clicking on those roles that you want to add in the flyout menu. Remind that you can add several roles as you want for each user.


This post is all about that how to add roles in Discord, and it is made sure that after reading this post definitely, you will be able to add roles in Discord and to Assign a role to a user. If you have any queries that you want to discuss, then you can contact us by typing your comment below in the comment section.


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