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If you love playing games, chances are you are already known about Discord. For those who are don’t have any clue what Discord is, it is a platform where gaming community chats with each other using text and voice. It allows them to communicate with each other and play games together.

It is an extremely popular platform, and the reason behind its popularity is its bots. It entirely consists of bots, which makes it a feature-rich platform. Discord bots enable you to add custom features as per your preferences. All of this means Discord is nothing if there are no bots.

For instance, if you want to listen to your favorite music without Discord bots, you have first to code the whole channel to listen to your favorite music. To eliminate such a lengthy process, you can embed an API bot to your server, which makes your work a whole lot easier.

What Do You Mean by Furry People
What Do You Mean by Furry People

Nowadays, every Discord user is talking about Furry Discord servers. But what actually these bots are and how they work? To find the answer to this question, we are here today.

Below I have explained everything in detail that you want to know about Discord furry servers and the best Discord furry servers. So, let’s start!

What Do You Mean by Furry People?

4 Best furry Discord servers
4 Best furry Discord servers

In Discord terms, furry people mean the one who likes to behave as an anthropomorphic. An anthropomorphic is human intelligence and facial expression, the way of speaking, walk on two legs, wear clothes like animals. They believe that in this way, they are working toward animals’ welfare and have absolute values.

So, what are the best furry Discord servers?

4 Best furry Discord servers

Discord also features furry Discord servers where users act with the furry mentality while enjoying their chat and sharing memes and pictures. Below I have listed the best furry Discord servers that you can miss.

1-       Hentai Folder – Best Furry Discord Servers

Hentai Folder - Best Furry Discord Servers
Hentai Folder – Best Furry Discord Servers

The very first and best Discord furry server is Hentai Folder. The server has a massive user-base that is still growing. It has a total member of 80,000, which means you can easily find like-minded people to chat with.

The best thing about Hentai Folder is it has 500 emotes. If you are looking for a furry Discord server that offers Level System and Shop Roles, look no further than Hentai Folder. This furry Discord bot also features the Waifu system and has more than 50 hentai categories.

If you don’t like one, it also allows you to giveaways that you can use to join other events. On this furry Discord server, you will find friendly users to chat with, and if you have any issue, you can easily reach out to its mods.

It is a tremendous furry Discord server where you can chat with interesting people to stay away from depression.

Here is the link: https://discord.me/hentaifolder

2-      US Furries – Best Furry Discord Servers

US Furries - Best Furry Discord Servers
US Furries – Best Furry Discord Servers

Another accessible furry Discord server is US Furries. This furry Discord server also has a massive number of users. It was created three years ago and become so popular among furry people in no time. Sometimes it is also referred to as USF.

However, if you are thinking that it is not for you and you cannot join it since you aren’t living in the US, then it is not valid. Because of its name, it doesn’t mean that only US Discord users can join it. Regardless of you are a furry or not, you will be welcome here by other members.

This furry Discord server is uniquely accessible because it allows its members to share their venues and share art. Moreover, you will be able to chat with other members, share and listen to your favorite music, and play games with other members of the server.

Here is the link: https://discord.me/usfurries

3-      Furry Royale – Best Furry Discord Servers

Furry Royale - Best Furry Discord Servers
Furry Royale – Best Furry Discord Servers

Another popular and best furry Discord server is the Furry Royale. The majority of server members are mature people. However, everyone will be welcomed here. Unlike other furry Discord servers that I have mentioned so far, it doesn’t have a lot of members (500).

Furry Royale has some rules that you have to follow if you want to join the server. If you are under 16, you will not be able to enter it as it allows only members who are 16 or older to enjoy SFW content.

Moreover, it also acquires you to verify yourself first to participate in mature chats, voice chats, etc. It has more than 25 moderators that are active and willing to help you if you have any issue on the server. Furthermore, this furry Discord server also offers furry content, anime, IRL, murr, etc.

Here is the link: https://disboard.org/server/598916353641938953

4-      The Fuzzy Family – Best Furry Discord Servers

The Fuzzy Family - Best Furry Discord Servers
The Fuzzy Family – Best Furry Discord Servers

The last furry Discord server on my list is The Fuzzy Family. It is an excellent place for all furry people to join it and relax. Moreover, it also features a gambling room for its members and allows NSFW content for 18+ members.

The moderators of the server are friendly and always ready to help. If you are facing any issue on the server, you can approach them for assistance.

Here is the server link: https://discord.me/thefuzzyfamily

Final Thoughts

There you have it- 4 best furry Discord servers. All of these furry Discord servers are fun to join, and you shouldn’t miss them out if you like furry people. You will find amazing and like-minded people to chat with and make new friends. If you have any other furry Discord server in your list, share it with us in the comment section below.


Q: What is the best furry Discord server?

Ans: Some of the best furry Discord servers include Hentai Folder, Furry Royals, and US Furries.

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