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Discord is a prominent platform built by gamers for the gaming community. The entire Discord system consists of bots. This allows users to customize anything they want, and however they want. Users can set up servers, server customizations, voice changers, custom emoji, and a whole lot more.

Dyno Bot Discord.
Dyno Bot Discord.

All of this customization is possible just because of bots. One of the most prominent Discord bots is the Dyno Discord bot, which is also a living example of special Discord bots.

So what really Dyno Bot Discord is?

Well, that is why I’m here today. I will talk about everything about the Dyno Discord bot that you are curious about. Read on the post till the end.

What is Dyno Boat Discord?

What is Dyno Boat Discord.
What is Dyno Boat Discord.

Dyno Discord boar is a special kind of Discord bot that users can use for extreme server customization and moderation. This bot makes it easy for users to use the platform. With Dyno Discord bot, you will be able to easily manage notifications, moderate server, gather essential data, listen to your favorite music right from Discord, control the spam level, and much more.

Dyno Bot Discord Features

Dyno Bot Discord is constantly getting the update by the developer that adds new features and enhancements. If you think a particular feature is missing in the Dyno Bot Discord, you can request developers to add it to the bot. So, when the next time bots will have an update, you will be able to see your requested feature in it.

Here are some features of Discord Dyno Bot;

  • UPTIME: this feature means the bot comes with 99.9% uptime, and it is available for everyone. Users can access the bot anytime they want without any trouble.
  • Web Dashboard: Web Dashboard is a Dyno Bot Discord dashboard that allows users simple and easy customizations.
  • Announcements: Announcement tab of Dyno Bot Discord is used to get all the notifications when anyone joins, leave, or banned, on the server. However, to get announcements, you will have to customize it first. You can also add an optional personal message to it.
  • Music: As the name says, Dyno Bot Discord also has a music tab that you can use to play and listen to your favorite music right from the Discord. This feature is backed up by extreme streaming hardware.
  • Moderation: The moderation feature allows you to get data of Mod logs, timed bans, and warnings.
  • Auto-Moderation: Auto Moderation feature of Dyno Bot Discord is a useful feature. It allows developers to configure the server automatically to prevent spam or raid.
  • Server Log: It is an in-depth server event log that you can access the server anytime.
  • Auto Roles: Auto Roles feature allows developers to add and assign a role to every member who just joined the server and new onto it. Users can also time tasks and then assigned them to group members.
  • Extra Protection: This is yet another useful feature of Dyno Bot Discord that protects against Mass Mention spams or raids.
  • Joinable Ranks: This allows members to assign roles to themselves as per the group requirements.
  • Custom Commands: This feature allows users to set custom commands that are convenient for them and that they can use to collect notification or data.
  • AFK: This Dyno Bot Discord feature allows you to post an AFK status when mentioned in chat.
  • Cleverbot: It is a chatterbot web application with artificial intelligence and extremely popular among Discord users to start chatting with humans.

How to Set Up Dyno Bot Discord on PC?

How to Set Up Dyno Bot Discord on PC
How to Set Up Dyno Bot Discord on PC

If you want to add Dyno Bot Discord on your PC, it is possible. You just need to follow the steps that I’m going to mention below.

  • Firstly, access the official Dyno Bot Discord website from your PC.
  • Now sign in to the website using your Discord login credentials.
  • Now, from the all available servers list, select a server you want to deploy Dyno Bot Discord on.
  • Now authorize the Dyno Bot Discord to control and deploy customizations on that server.
  • Now, to save settings, click on the “I’m not a robot” option, and then enter the captcha.
  • Click Authorize.
  • Now, go to the commands tab to deploy the Dyno Bot Discord commands to the server.
  • Now, go to the settings and assign a nickname and command prompt.
  • Finally, you can now manage your server by adding a few simple commands from the list at the website’s bottom.

Wrapping Up

Dyno Bot Discord is one of the greatest Discord bots that allow users extreme customization to customize their server. Above, I have discussed everything in detail about Dyno Bot Discord, including its features and how you can add it to your PC. I sincerely hope this will help you set up this amazing bot on your Discord server to enjoy its amazing features.


Q: Does Dyno Bot Discord allows you to place music right from Discord?

Ans: Yes, using Dyno Bot Discord, you will be able to play and listen to your favorite music.

Q: What does Dyno bot do?

Ans: Dyno Bot Discord is a server customization boat and features a web dashboard. You can assign auto-roles, auto-moderation, play music, and much more.

Q: What to do if Dyno Bot Discord stops working?

Ans: If your Dyno Bot Discord is not working, make sure that the name doesn’t contain spaces and capslock. Or else, try to remove and re-add the bot.

Q: Can I add AFK to Dyno Bot Discord?

Ans: Yes, Dyno Bot Discord will add AFK automatically to the starting of your name when you set an AFK status.

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