Complete Guide About Discord User Search

Before going to the Discord User search, I want to give you some idea about Discord, so let’s move on!

Discord is a wonderful platform around the world for gamers. It provides you access to the chatting facility in-game through providing a wider gaming experience. The platform offers you a wonderful conversation option. If you have a craze about games, there is a lot of probability that you would want to join Discord. It gives you many advanced options to conversate with your game fellows like in a chat interface. You can chat with your friends during playing games in a voice, text, and video.


Now let’s move on the Discord User Search!

Discord User Search

Users are generally considered in Discord as a fundamental entity. Users can spawn across the whole platform and participate in voice, video, text chat, and a lot. Users are divided by differentiation of normal vs. bot. Though they are identical, both users are automated that are possessed by other users. Unlike normal exploiter, bot users don’t restrict the number of orders they can be a part of.

Discord applies the following limitations on username and nicknames.

  • Names can include the most valid Unicode textures. It limits some non-rendering textures and zero-width
  • Usernames must be lies between 2 & 32 characters long.
  • Nicknames must be lies between 1 & 32 characters long.
  • Names are trailing, trimmed of leading, sanitized, and extravagant internal whitespace.
Discord User Search
Discord User Search

How to Search Discord User?

First you it is made sure that your developer mode should be enabled on your Discord setting. From the desktop, you can search User on the search bar of Discord.

  • First of all, click on the right click on the user name to search the User, click on copy, and now paste it into your text editor or Discord. Substitute type user names as a mention and place a backslash next to the mention.

Discord’s functionality as a chat hub doubles and forum as a good enough archive as search enters the picture. The search function integrates a few various filters and tools that help you search and what you require in the smallest, expansive community-wide server or friends only server.

Dust off the Ole’ Magnifying Glass

To start the searching process, go and click on the search bar in the application’s top right-hand corner. You can search the through hotkey within the currently viewed channel by pressing Ctrl plus F in windows and Cmd plus F in Mac. With some search, filter suggestions go to the search bar that will bring up a window.

Dust of the ole
Dust of the ole

Filter Fun

Type a keyword of any one of the filters and select it in the drop-down in the search box will utilize that filter in the next search, as pointed on the word by the dark background. There are four filters which you can use:

  • Has: The Has filter permits you search by messages based on media include within the message. Using embed filters or links will indicate you towards messages, including those items. In contrast, image, sound, and video filters can be arranged by messages with any embedded media from any source to provide you with specifics. You can also combine filters with adding search power.
Has filter
Has filter
  • From: utilize the From filter to go down your search results to a significant user.
From Filter
From Filter
  • In: utilizing the In filter will permit you which channel within your server are currently open that you wish to search. Type the filter tag of the accessible text channels in the server, which you are now open.
  • Before, During, and After: These filters permit you to search chrono-logically and extract an interactive calendar to select the search’s beginning date. You can aggregate both Before and After filters within the scope of dates as well. Chrono-logical filters are not only restricted to specific dates; you can also select the days of the week, weeks, or month based on what you are watching for.

How to Search User on Discord without number?

There is a question that is rising in your mind that how would you add someone on Discord with even know any information about the tag number? Well, there is some option that exists to help you do that. Before this, perhaps it may be an ideal alternative to detect a tag number of Discord and how Discord uses this number to recognize the users.

If you do not have any information about the Discord tag number? How to Search User on Discord without number? Literally speaking, Discord does not permit you to do that. There are no options exist to search user without number.

There are the following steps which are written below:

  • You would want to search the user profile whom you need to add to Discord. If you have across the User in any chat, you would be capable of doing that.
  • Now you will click on the profile picture of User.
  • You should detect the profile information of the User along with the discord roles and tag number.
  • Now you are conscious of the User’s Discord tag you need to connect with. You can comply with the above method to add the User to your discord profile.
  • If you click on the user profile, then it will take you a different page that permits you to send a friend request directly.


This is all about Discord User Search, I explained everything in detail related to the Discord User Search, and after reading this post, you will be able to Search Discord User easily and else more. For more queries and issues, you can contact us by the comment, and we are glad to solve your issues regarding Discord User Search.


Q: How to Search User on Discord?

Ans: Go to the how-to Search Discord User section and read the guidelines, then you can easily search User on Discord.

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