Discord Text Formatting | Complete Guide

Introduction To Discord

Discord is considered as one of the greatest apps in ages, and it doesn’t feel like it would be replaced at any time with a new version or an alternate app. The basic and simple chats are fantastic but have you ever thought of how your friends are chatting with colors or bold texts? Well, we are going to tell you each and everything about Discord Text Formatting in this article.

Discord App
Discord App

Discord uses a discord markdown for text formatting, which can help your words look stand out with whatever you are saying. Its formatting brings some energy into your discord texts with colors, italic, bold, underlined text, and strikethrough.

What Actually is Discord Markdown?

It is a Discord markdown language that was first released in 2004. And it was created by John Gruber and Aaron Swartz. This language has plain text formatting syntax and was designed to be simple to read and write. The original one only supports HTML. This can also be used as a plain text editor and also for creating rich text for writing messages in online forums. This markdown is mainly responsible for the formatting of all our texts in the background. Discord Markdown is also considered as the engine behind the Discord.

Discord Markdown
Discord Markdown

It has been mostly used in the formatting of readme files, forums, and discussions and also to turn plain texts into rich texts.

Hightlight.js Library in Discord Markdown

The type of formatting in which you want a text to change colors when you carry on typing such as if you want red text and then the blue text right after it and want them to keep continue to change colors, this cant happen in discord. So highlight.js can be considered a hack or mod tool library which can add text coloring using syntax coloring methods.

Hightlight.js Library in Discord Markdown
Hightlight.js Library in Discord Markdown

We still cant directly highlight text; we can create a code block in discord and mark specific syntax highlighting profile. Then we can use that to wrap our text in the suitable and appropriate symbols.

Discord Text Formatting

In discord text formatting, using a few symbols, you can easily transform your plain text into something very much prominent. So If you want your texts to look great in every sense, simply highlight a specific word, or you want to make your sentences to stand out. There are different styles which can be used individually as well as together too. These are bold, italics, bold italics, strikethrough text and underline

Discord text formatting
Discord text formatting
  • For a bold discord text, you have to add two asterisks around both sides of a text to bold it. For example **chosen text**
  • For italic discord text, if you just add a single asterisk or underline to either side of the text, it will make it italic. e.g., *your chosen text*
  • For the bold italic discord text, you need three asterisks to both sides of the text. e.g. ***your selected text***.
  • For underlining your discord text, you need to add two underscores to both sides of the text. E.g __your chosen text__
  • For the strikethrough your discord text, you need to add two tildes to both sides of a text. E.g., ~~your chosen text~~

You know now the various styles that you can apply to your discord text.

Discord text formatting: code blocks

Code blocks can be considered as advanced discord text formatting, which Is quite simple. Discord supports these code blocks with the use of the backtick key ( ` ). For a single code block, just highlight the text and leave surrounding spaces as empty, you have to use one tick before and after the text.

For multiple-line code blocks, you need to add three backticks before as well as after the text. E.g., “`your text“`

Writing in color – Text formatting

Discord doesn’t have a built-in highlighting text function, but highlight.js is running in the background of Discord that enables us to add some colors in our messages. When you want a colored Discord text formatting, you are actually using a workaround with syntax highlighting. Basically, by typing the name of a syntax language after three backticks, you can color your text. The steps for each color follows a similar format, but you need to enter three backticks at the start (“`), then return, then enter your text, return again, and three more backticks(“`) at the end of the text.

Color text in Red discord

  • We use “Diff syntax highlighting.” To make a red discord text, you should also keep in mind that you will need to include a hyphen(-) before your text.

Color text in orange discord

  • We use “CSS syntax” to make a orange discord, which requires square brackets at both sides.

Color text in Yellow discord

  • We use “fix syntax” to make a yellow discord text

Color text in Light green discord

  • We use “Diff syntax” for discord light green like we use it for red, but instead of using a hyphen, we use a plus sign in front of the text. E.g., +light green text

Color text in Discord cyan

  • We use “JSON syntax” for discord text cyan and use the quotations marks at both sides of the text

Color text in discord blue

  • We use “ini syntax” for blue discord text, and also we have to put square brackets around the text

Highlighting the text with color

To highlight the text differently to the block codes, we have to use “Tex syntax,” and we will have to format the text with a dollar sign $ at the start. E.g., $your text

Importance of discord text formatting

Formatting the texts in discords make it more attractive and gives it a look that a user may find interesting to read and to look at when it sees a text formatted in discord. It is common among some games chats or apps like screen sharing and images or text messages where the formatting of text makes your chat look more attractive.

Color formatting takeaways

As you know that there are certain limitations to using this method, such as having to type no spaces for certain colors. But the most important point is that we can still color our text very easily. We would recommend you use the DIFF, BASH, FIX, and CSS, highlighting as mentioned above for red, green, yellow, and blue, respectively. The examples above include various shades of the primary syntax highlighting colors. And it lets you experiment with them in your messages.

Markdown text 101

The markdown tutorial is a neat learning tool that most people will suggest or recommend you for some learning and getting info. If you have gone through some markdown tutorials, then you need a good reference book to look on for learning more formatting. Markdown Cheatsheet is a great reference for you that lists every single type of formatting that you would encounter.

The official discord markdown guide

There is an official markdown guide from the discord team which is available on the discordapp.com website. It covers everything that we discussed above, but it doesn’t go into as much detail about how we actually get each type of color. It can still be a very useful reference if you’re looking for a quick refresher. 

Pro’s of Discord text formatting

If we think of it as beneficial and healthy for chat, it is because

  • It has various font styles
  • It has various formatting styles
  • Texts can be colored to different colors
  • You can manually set your text to be any font or size or color
  • You can make your text look more attractive

Con’s of Discord text formatting

However, everything has a drawback too, if we look at the other side

  • Some people may find it a funky looking text formatting app
  • It may be hard to read when multiple colored texts are written in the same paragraph
  • The colored text cant be applied everywhere
  • Some users prefer decent text and simple formatting; they may not like this app


The discord is an app that makes the text more stylish and attractive for every user that is using it for texts or chatting or in games. Discord has a special library for text formatting, and it also requires unique keys or commands which manually convert or edit the text according to your need such as bold, italic, strikethrough, etc. need to be typed manually in commands to be applied on a text. The color commands can also be used to make the text look more attractive and powerful. The markdown is the backbone behind the discord.

I hope this information was helpful, if you have any questions or queries you can leave a comment below, or you can review this article and provide us feedback on our given email. We will get in touch when we receive your email.


What is the basic Discord font?

Uni Sans is a basic Discord font but, Uni Sans Heavy was designed by Svet Simov in the year 2009, which is the font used for Discord now. And the font used for the Discord logo is a modified version of it. The versions of Uni Sans range in different categories such as Thin to Heavy, also adjusted by italics. The Thin and Heavy font styles can be easily downloaded through the web.

Why is my text shown red in the Discord?

The red text means that the message wasn’t sent successfully. It means that the message you wrote couldn’t reach to the Discord servers, or failed to send that message. You can resent that message to check if it changes the color, or you simply have to delete or remove the text and write a new text instead of it.