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If you’re an avid Discord member, chances are you have seen a range of bots promising to offer free stuff in return if you invite them to your server. You might have also noticed that they are fake, and if you do, invite them to your server by any chance, it will be a disaster for your Discord server.

They are known as Discord spam bots. If they get into a server by any chance, they will destroy it, do nasty things, and start spamming, which will be nearly impossible for you to stop them. Although Discord developers are working hard to combat against Discord spam bots, you are advised to stay vigilant until Discord come up with an effective solution against Discord spam bots.

How Do Discord spam bot Operate?

How Do Discord spam bot Operate
How Do Discord spam bot Operate

Discord spam bots are capable of creating fake accounts. They try to convince other users that they are, and their activities are coming from a real user. Creating a spam bot is so simple that you just need to fill a few fields, such as name, email, etc.

Attackers program spam bots to auto-fill these fields, which is not that hard for a professional programmer. Although platforms use CAPTCHA techniques to counter spam bots from creating fake accounts, this technique is not fully foolproof, which means spam bots can easily pass through it.

Once a spam bot has a fake account and successfully enter into a server, they will begin sending spam messages. Some Discord spam bots do not send spam messages, but they harvest emails or contacts to provide spammers’ targets. They can scan the web, scrapping the information, and then save it to their database.

What Does Discord spam bots Do?

What Does Discord spam bots Do?
What Does Discord spam bots Do?

Like any other online platform where spam bots spread spam messages or do nasty stuff, Discord spam bots can create multiple fake accounts, auto-join, proxies, mass messages, and much more. They interact with other Discord users in such a way that the other user cannot easily recognize whether they are real or fake.

Various Discord spam bots also advertise their own Discord servers or specific content. Some auto-join the server, send messages and then leave the server. This makes it hard for moderators to moderate. Since they left the server automatically, you cannot do against them except reporting to Discord. Other common activities of a Discord spam bot that they do after joining a server include;

  • Send direct messages to all the users of the server.
  • Prune the server.
  • Delete all the channels on the server.
  • Ban each and every member of the server.

How to Stop Discord spam bots?

Although there is no effective way that you can use to stop Discord spam bots from sending you direct messages except adding a server setting, this way, all the newer members who just joined the server will be unable to send direct messages to other server members for a long period of time. This will significantly reduce the Discord spam bots getting through the server members’ inbox.

They will be restricted to wait at least 24 hours before they can send a direct message to the server member. It means the Discord spam bots will become useless for quite some time. This option also allows you to cool down the system in channels to select a time period before they can message.

This is the only effective way that you can use to stop Discord spam bots from sending you direct messages.

How to Know Whether a Message is from a Real Person or a Spam Discord Bot?

How to Know Whether a Message is from a Real Person or a Spam Discord Bot
How to Know Whether a Message is from a Real Person or a Spam Discord Bot

Although Discord spam bots are programmed so that it makes them look, real users, are typically not good enough to convince other users. Here are some ways that will help you to know whether the message that you have got is from a real person or from a Discord spam bot.

Spelling and Grammar Mistakes

The majority of Discord spam bots when a send message will contain multiple grammar and spelling mistakes. The message they will send will be hard for you to read and decipher the meaning of it.

Aggressive Directions to Click a Link or Forward the Message

Another common thing that will let you know whether you are talking to a real user or a Discord spam bot is their message style. If you see a message that contains links and aggressively ask you to forward a message, it might be from a spam bot. If you receive any such message, it would be best to ignore it and report to Discord.


Yet another thing that will tell you that you are receiving messages from a Discord spam bot or comments on your post is their irrelevance. For example, suppose you have posted a post about Cybersecurity and receive comments about business loans or something else that is totally different from your post. In that case, it is also a hint that they are not from a real user.

Wrapping Up

Similar to any other online platform where you see spam messages, Discord is also flooded with Discord spam bots nowadays. These Discord spam bots are programmed in such a way that makes them behave like real people. They send you bulk messages, create multiple fake accounts, auto-join the servers, ban everyone on a server, and more. The best way to counter them is if you have found a Discord bot or received a message from them, you should report to Discord as soon as possible. Avoid interacting with, or else they will do nasty stuff.


Q: Can I stop Discord spam bots from sending direct messages?

Ans: Yes, you can stop Discord spam bots from sending direct messages by blocking them or disabling the option of messages from new users.

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