4 Best Discord Servers Reddit

Are you looking for some best Discord Servers Reddit to join to get some inspiration or just because you are curious? Well, this post is for you. Below, I have bucketed some best Discord servers that you can join to have unlimited fun.

It is worth mentioning that as an active member of Discord, all of the below mentioned Discord servers are my opinion and there is nothing official. I will only discuss these servers’ strengths that make them so popular. If you are looking to read about official servers, such as PUBG Mobile, Fortnite, or other, you won’t find any of them in this list.

I will mention only those Discord servers created by highly active Discord members and not professionals.

So, let’s start!

4 Best Discord Servers Reddit

4 Best Discord Servers Reddit
4 Best Discord Servers Reddit

1- ChillZone – Discord Servers Reddit

ChillZone – Discord Servers Reddit

ChillZone is one of the most popular Discord server Reddit, which is not about a specific topic, or you can say it is a topic less server. It means it doesn’t create to discuss only a single topic. You can join it to talk about whatever you want or like. As of July 2020, more than 15 million messages have been sent solely in its general channel.

Seeing that massive number of messages, Fortnite, which is considered as the largest Discord server, has only 5 million messages sent in its general channel. ChillZone is one of the best servers on Discord that you can join to meet new people from every corner of the globe.

It has over 400,000 active members till the writing time of this post that include both girls and guys that you can interact with. You won’t see an empty chat since it stays alive as people keep discussing various topics all the time.

Moreover, it doesn’t create for only a specific gender or age of people. You will find people of all ages, and that is what makes it so popular.

Furthermore, if you have already joined the server but doesn’t like the vibes, you have the option to look for its numerous partner channels.

2- Daddy – Discord Servers Reddit

Daddy - Discord Servers Reddit
Daddy – Discord Servers Reddit

Another one of the best Discord servers Reddit is Daddy. It is another popular server on Discord and has a massive number of active users. The thing that makes it stand out among other Discord server is it concentrates more on voice channels, which means it is a great place for people who love voice chat.

It consists of more than twenty voice channels where chat never dies. It is also another great option that you can join to meet new people and interact with them from all across the world through voice chat. You will find more than sixty users in its single voice channel.

It means you will be able to communicate with different kinds of people from all over the world and join a range of rooms. It doesn’t mean you can’t chat via text since their text chat also never dies. According to a report, more than nine million messages have been sent in its lounge.

However, it is a fact that the main reason why the Daddy server is popular among user is its voice channels. Much like ChillZone, it also has numerous partner channels that integrate with a variety of other Discord servers.

If you think this server is not what you are looking for, you have the option to look through their partner channels to find one that suits you.

3- Frogs Dream World – Discord Servers Reddit

Frogs Dream World - Discord Servers Reddit
Frogs Dream World – Discord Servers Reddit

If you are an active Discord user, chances are you already know how popular Dream World network is. Frogs Dream World is a global Discord server and a part of the network. It consists over thirty global emote servers, which makes it one of those few last emotes servers standing out there.

It is also referred to as globals, which means anyone can use it all over the platform without nitro. However, it has only one condition that you must be in any of the servers that integrate with those emotes. Moreover, it is also one of those servers that are always available to share when someone asks for global emote servers.

Since the server is a part of FDW, it is interconnected with other communities, like SDW (Skarz Dream World) or SDW (Slippy’s Dream World). It means if you are having a chat with a user on a server, chances are you might encounter them again in an entirely different one since there are more than 150,000 users in FDW.

4- Quantum Labs – Discord Servers Reddit

Quantum Labs - Discord Servers Reddit
Quantum Labs – Discord Servers Reddit

Similar to ChillZone that we have mentioned at the top of our best Reddit Discord servers list, Quantum Labs is also a topic less server that has over 100,000 users. However, it is highly professional and properly organized Discord server.

It means it is a great option to indulge yourself in if you like the organization that is pleasing to the eyes. It is also yet another server on Discord where chat never dies. You will find people all the time to communicate with, which is why it is so popular.

Moreover, just like the FDW, it is also among those emote servers that are included in the last few still standing to emote servers with more than twenty emotes. Furthermore, it also offers an unusual currency system, and if you have sufficient, you will be able to buy a $20 Steam Card or Spotify Premium.

People who are struggling to find and join a mature, professional, well-organized, and active community on Discord, as well as also want to reap the benefits of more than twenty global emotes, look no further than Quantum Labs.

Final Thoughts

There you have it – 4 best Discord servers Reddit that you can join to have unlimited fun while interacting with interesting people of all ages from all across the globe. If you have any other server that you think can make into our list, feel free to share it in the comment section below.


Q: What does FDW stand for?

Ans: FDW is a Discord server, which stands for Frogs Dream World. It is a part of the Dream World Network.

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