Discord Search Not Working, How To Fix?

Any software or service may benefit from the ability to search. You may be looking for anything on a channel, network, or even a private chat in Discord.

Whatever the case, it’s a much-needed tool. Many people complain about their Discord search not working.

Discord is one of most well-known and frequently utilized gaming communication platforms.  The application has over 300 million registered accounts by June 2020.

Regular updates and bug fixes are carried out on a regular basis, as with many other programs, to ensure the greatest possible experience.

Bugs, on the other hand, might slip through the cracks and end up in the application.

Many people are having problems with the search function not working properly. Please continue reading to learn how to diagnose and potentially repair this problem.

Discord Search Not Working
Discord Search Not Working

Why Doesn’t Discord Search Work?

There are a variety of reasons why the app could not be working properly, and it’s always crucial to determine if the problem is on your end or on Discords.

Let’s have a glance at a few of the options so you can get back to browsing for things. If your Discord search isn’t responding, try the following steps:

Make sure your Internet connection is working:

  • The most fundamental step is to ensure that your internet is operational. This may be accomplished by loading different websites or doing a speed test.
  • If your internet isn’t working, you might want to try resetting your connection. If you’re utilizing a wired connection, unplug the Ethernet cable for at least 10 seconds before plugging it back in.
  • Users with wireless connections may want to restart their routers.

Monitor the availability of Discord servers: 

If the issue isn’t with your internet connection, it’s likely that Discord is to blame. On the Discord status page, you may see Media Proxy and Search.

This could provide you some clues as to what the problem is.

Keep an eye out for updates:

It’s possible that you’re encountering problems because you’re using an earlier version of the program.

If the Open Discord setting is selected in the Settings menu, rebooting Discord will update it instantly.

You can search the Google Play or App Store for any updates if you haven’t allowed auto-update applications on Android or iOS.

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Create a Service Request:

If nothing else works, it’s time to turn to Discord for assistance. Send a request to Discord directly, and it will assist them in properly analyzing the matter.

From the “What can we help you with?” dropdown menu, choose “Help & Support.”

Fill out the appropriate fields and select “Other Technical Issue” from the “Type of question?” drop-down menu. Fill in the remaining information and click the submit button.

Discord should be able to process your issue and respond with a solution once they get it.

Final Words

The modifications for the Discord search not working are now complete.

You may submit a support request by going to Discord’s request page and selecting Assist and Support from the “What can we assist you with?” drop-down option.

Share and insert all pertinent information regarding the issue you’re having, then submit. The developer team will be alerted of the problem and will be able to assist you in resolving it.

The more support requests for a given situation that are made, the more likely it is to be fixed soon.

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