Top 6 Best Discord Rhythm Bot

The main reason for the Discord popularity is its bots. It has bots that you cannot find on any other platform, and that is why users attract the Discord with massive numbers. Each and every Discord server utilizes API-driven bots to offers excellent user experience, and all of them are capable of doing anything you want to do with them.

One of those outstanding Discord bots is the  Discord rhythm bots. Since Rhythm term is used for the elements that are riched by features, offering music to deliver the best music, Discord rhythm bots are also focusing on that very purpose. Using one of Discord rhythm bot, you will be able to get an incredible music experience.

Discord rhythm bot offers an array of features, and you won’t find any other like this around. It offers high-quality music with a straightforward user interface and command list. The bot promises stability, which means you won’t confront with lagging.

Below, you will find some best Discord rhythm bots that you can use to play your favorite music on Discord.

6 Best  Discord Rhythm Bots

6 Best  Discord Rhythm Bots
6 Best  Discord Rhythm Bots

1-      Groovy –  Discord Rhythm Bots

Groovy is one of the best Discord rhythm bots that you can use to listen to your favorite music on Discord from music giants sources, such as Apple Music, Spotify, YouTube, and more. The thing that makes it best Discord rhythm bot is its integration with Spotify that you might not see in any other bot.

Groovy -  Discord Rhythm Bots
Groovy –  Discord Rhythm Bots

You can play your favorite music by simply putting its link or name or search for it. The bot offers tools that you can use to pause, play, loop, search, lyrics search, shuffle, add and delete songs in your playlist, etc. It is highly recommended for people who want to listen to their favorite music on Discord.

2-      Rhythm –  Discord Rhythm Bots

Rhythm -  Discord Rhythm Bots
Rhythm –  Discord Rhythm Bots

Another popular Discord rhythm bot is Rhythm. The bot, as its name says, lets you stream your favorite music from popular music streaming sources, such as Twitch, YouTube, SoundCloud, etc. The feature that we liked about Rhythm is that it will automatically queue music from playlist when your current queue list is empty.

Just like Groove, it also allows you to search for your favorite music or just enter the link or name of the song you want to listen to. The command that you will need to operate it is straightforward. Moreover, you can get lyrics of the songs you are listening to. It is best for people who want to listen to their favorite music on Discord in voice channels, and if you want to run it in text channels, it won’t work.

For users who want to play music in text, channels can find the below Discord rhythm bot.

3-      Fredboat –  Discord Rhythm Bots

Fredboat -  Discord Rhythm Bots
Fredboat –  Discord Rhythm Bots

Fredboat is another popular Discord rhythm bot that you can have to play music. It is a mighty rhythm bot and fetches the data from music streaming giants, such as Bandcamp, YouTube, Twitch, Soundcloud, and more. Using Fredboat, you will have the advantage of playing songs automatically without setting up a song manually when the previous one gets finished.

You no more need to add links to your favorite songs from other sources, as you can directly search for the music you want to listen to and play it. The boat is an open-source and safe tool that you will love using.

4-      Eris Bot –  Discord Rhythm Bots

Eris Bot -  Discord Rhythm Bots
Eris Bot –  

Similar to other Discord rhythm bots included in this list, Eris Bot allows you to listen to your favorite music in high-quality. The bot offers multiple commands that you can configure with ease. Using the bot, you will be able to play with commands and prefixes and create one of your own. You won’t be able to locate this option in any other Discord rhythm bot.

Though in our testing, we noticed that sometimes it plays videos using YouTube sources while you want to play an audio file, which might get fixed by the developers soon. Besides that, everything works incredibly well. It is another great option for users who love listening to their favorite music on Discord.

5-      Zandercraft –  Discord Rhythm Bots

Zandercraft -  Discord Rhythm Bots

Zandercraft is a unique Discord rhythm bot that is recognized for its fun features, like animations, GIFs, and productivity, but can also be used to listen to your favorite music. The thing we liked the most about Zandercraft is that it is capable of playing extra HD and Hi-Fi music files.

The bot should be your go-to choice if you love listening to your favorite music. The bot support all the tools that you need in a music player, such as the search option for searching your favorite music, create playlists, add or remove a song in a playlist, and more. For people searching a music bot on Discord that can play XHD and Hi-Fi music, there is no better option than Zandercraft.

6-      Vexera –  Discord Rhythm Bots

Vexera -  Discord Rhythm Bots

Last but not least, Vexera is another popular Discord rhythm bot that you can use to play your favorite music on Discord while chatting with your Discord friends. Using Vexera, you will get a streamlined and lagging-free music listening experience. You will be allowed to access all the latest songs since it generates the data from YouTube.

Moreover, besides its music playing ability, you can also use it to gree new Discord users by sending them greeting messages.


Discord is a popular platform among the gaming community and rightly so because of its plenty of customization and moderation features. Now, you can play music on it while chatting with your friends using Discord rhythm bots, and there are plenty of them. Above, we have listed the best Discord rhythm bots that we have tested and found incredible wonderful. You should give them a try.


Q: Can I listen to YouTube music from Discord?

Ans: Yes, you can access YouTube and various other streaming platforms to listen to your favorite music using Discord rhythm bots, such as Fredboat, Vexera, Groove, and Eris Bot.