Destiny 2 LFG Discord – Complete Guide

Do you want to play Destiny 2 on Discord? Do you want to know what are some popular Destiny 2 LFG Discord servers? Well, you are in the right place. Below I have discussed everything that you want to know about Destiny 2 LFG Discord.

Note: For those who don’t have any clue about LG, it means LOOKING FOR GROUPS.

Yes, it is true that you can play and enjoy Destiny 2 solo on Discord. But it would be more fun if you play it with a fireteam since without a fireteam you will not be able to enjoy the game to its fullest. Moreover, Destiny 2 is also more enjoyable when you play it with other guardians. It not only helps you to tackle Dungeons but also grinds public servers.

Destiny 2 LFG Discord
Destiny 2 LFG Discord

Being a hardcore fan of Destiny 2, I team up with a crew to play the game since I need help for Trials, new dungeons, and raids. For those who are struggling to find a fireteam to team up with to accomplish challenges, the very best way that can help you is Discord. It is a great place for LFG.

Why is Destiny 2 LFG so Important?

Why is LFG so Important.
Why is LFG so Important.

Regardless of what video game you are playing, if it has a multiplayer option that allows you to team up with your friends, it will be more fun rather playing it solo. It doesn’t mean that you can’t play it as solo, but if you want to enjoy it to its fullest, you have to team up with your buddies. In some cases, it is also important to form a crew to tackle challenges with the help of your team, and that is exactly what you have to do while playing Destiny 2 on Discord.

Destiny 2 has various activities, and some of them acquire you to form a fireteam since they don’t have matchmaking. Some of its most important activities include;


Destiny 2 RAIDS is one of the best PLAYER VS ENVIRONMENT or PVE content. They are extremely fun, challenge your skills, and occurs in some of the craziest locations while playing Destiny 2. Moreover, it is also a daunting task to organize them, as well. They require you to team up with up to six players. The most important thing about them is great communication, coordination, and skills that will be tested. Upon successful RAIDS, you will be rewarded with fancy cosmetics and mighty gears.

 Trials of Osiris

Trials of Osiris in Destiny 2 is similar to RAIDS, but they are PLAYER VS PLAYER or PVP. Moreover, if you thing RAIDS are the most strenuous activity, you are wrong. Trials of Osiris are much more difficult for them. However, it also requires you to join a team of up to three players and prepare yourself to face the best of the best players ahead.

Similar to RAIDS, the most critical part that you have to make sure is outstanding communication if you want to succeed. Furthermore, if you choose to play as solo, you can try out Freelance Survival Mode that is a great pick.


Another Destiny 2 activity that is almost similar to RAIDS is Dungeons. However, they are significantly smaller than RAIDS. You just need to for a three-member crew for them. If you are into the Prophecy Dungeons, they are also a good pick.

Master and Grandmaster Nightfall

This activity is among those few Destiny 2 activities that are considered the Pinnacles sources. Players who are interested in Grandmaster Ordeals, they have a chance to get a reward buff to make them worthy of your efforts and time.

Destiny 2 players, who want to hit the Maximum Power Level, as well as to find the most powerful gear out there, these are some weekly activities that you have to play. However, if you find them extremely challenging and impossible, you should try to earn XP to grow Artifact’s Power Level.

So, now let’s move to the most important thing; why Destiny 2 LFG Discord that is also the reason why I’m here.

Why Destiny 2 LFG Discord?

Why Destiny 2 LFG Discord?
Why Destiny 2 LFG Discord?

Well, there are numerous other tools that you can use for LFG. But Destiny 2 LFG Discord servers are the best place that offers various extra things. Some of the major Destiny 2 LFG Discord servers features include;

  • They offer you multiple chat channels to discuss whatever you want about Destiny 2 on Discord.
  • If you find it too hard to type text to send a message, you have the option to get help and take part in Discussions on Discord voice channels where you just need to speak to send audio messages.
  • Another great benefit of Destiny 2 LFG Discord servers is DM messaging.
  • You will also be able to see roles and ranks to differentiate PC players and consoles, and locations as well.

Now you must be wondering what the best and most popular Destiny 2 LFG Discord servers are. Worry no more below you can see the best Destiny 2 LFG Discord servers that you can join;

Best Destiny 2 LFG Discord Servers

Best Destiny 2 LFG Discord Servers
Best Destiny 2 LFG Discord Servers

I have stated everything in details about Destiny 2 LFG Discord above, and now you might be willing to join the platform. Well, if you are, then you should try these Destiny 2 LFG Discord servers.

  • Destiny 2 PC LFG
  • /r/Destiny The Game
  • Destiny 2 LFG
  • Destiny 2

Note: All of these servers are in English. If you are an international player and English is not your native language, you can try these Destiny 2 LFG Discord servers;

  • Destiny LFG FR (For French speakers)
  • Destiny 2 Italia (For Italian speakers)
  • Destiny 2 RU (For Russians)


So, that is all about Destiny 2 LFG Discord. I hope you are now ready to join the Discord for Destiny 2 LFG. However, for further assistance, you can leave us a comment below.


Q: What is the best and most popular Destiny 2 LFG Discord server?

Ans: There are plenty of them. I highly recommend you to join Destiny 2 PC LFG, Destiny 2 LFG, or if you are a non-Englisher, you can join Destiny LFG FR.

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