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Destiny 2 Discord is currently offline, which means diehard fans will be wondering what to do until it comes back online?

Discord is, of course, a platform that took over communications of millions of gamers all across the world. Functioning as a mixture of both VoIP and chatrooms it allows servers, and each of them consists of multiple voice and text channels that are established either by individuals or groups.

There are plenty of games that have their own official Discord servers, such as PUBG Mobile, Fortnite, and more. You will also find some servers that are created by companies as well, which means it is a tool that can be used for both in and out-game communications.

Destiny 2 Discord
Destiny 2 Discord

Now, if you are currently playing Destiny 2 or interested in it, you can head over to the Discord channel that is operated by Bungie to keep on top of the blog posts, news, and announcements that are coming ahead.

As expected, the server is heavily populated since it has links to almost all the resources that are relevant to Bungie and Destiny. It includes social media sites, tweets, Bungie blog posts, vidocs, and even Bungie support updates.

Although you will not find any open chat channel, you will find links to Destiny Reddit servers and Destiny 2 LGF, which means you can communicate with your fellow Guardians. In addition to chatting with Bungie staffers, there are chances that you might have a chance to interact with social media manager Griffin Bennet, as well as community manager dmg04.

The emergence of Destiny 2 Discord comes just on the cusp of the base game that is going free to play as a part of Destiny 2- New Light, and the launch of both the Season of the Undying and Shadowkeep Expansion. If you are interested to know more about the storyline, you can view the launch trailer that will give you sufficient info.

Best Destiny 2 Discord LFG Servers – How to Find a Fireteam?

Best Destiny 2 Discord LFG Servers – How to Find a Fireteam?
Best Destiny 2 Discord LFG Servers – How to Find a Fireteam?

Yes, it is possible to enjoy Destiny 2 as solo, and that is exactly what I’m doing right now. But if you are playing Destiny 2 without fireteams, it means you are missing a lot of things. Moreover, playing Destiny 2 with Guardian is more fun regardless of whether you are grinding Public events or tackling new Dungeon.

Why LFG is Worth Trying?

Why LFG is Worth Trying?
Why LFG is Worth Trying?

To make the most out of playing a looter-shooter online, you have to play it with others. However, sometimes it also becomes mandatory. Here are the main activities that require you to have a fireteam.

  • Raids are recognized as the best PVE content in Destiny and rightly so. They are fun, challenging, and complicated. It is also a daunting task to organize them as well since they required at least 6-man activities to coordinate, communicate, and skills.
  • Dungeons are almost similar to Raids, but they are smaller that requires you to have a 3-men fireteam.
  • Trails of Osiris are equal to Raids but for PVP since the Trials are the most complicate and challenging activity in Destiny 2 Discord. It requires you to have a 3-men fireteam to get ready to face the best players out there. I don’t think it is necessary to say those good collaborations are critical if you are willing to get a remote chance of success.
  • The Ordeals and Nightmare Hunts and Master and Grandmaster Nightfall are two activities that are amongst the few pinnacle sources in the game. Moreover, Grandmaster Ordeals has a reward buff as well that makes them more valuable and worthy of your efforts and time.

Some best and most popular Destiny 2 Discord servers include;

  • Destiny 2
  • Destiny 2 PC LFG
  • Destiny 2 LFG
  • /r/Destiny TheGame


That is all about Destiny 2 Discord. We have also listed the names of some best and popular Destiny 2 Discord servers that you can join. For queries, do not hesitate to write us a comment below.

Q: Is Destiny 2 available on Discord?

Ans:  Yes, the game is now officially established a Destiny 2 Discord server. You can join the channel to follow news and updates.

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