How to Add Roles in Discord – Complete Guide

How to add roles in Discord..

Discord is a fantastic chatting application for gamers. It provides an excellent communication platform to gamers when they play games with their other gamers friends; the chat can be in different ways, like in video, voice, and text messages. It is remarkable, according to the …

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How to Uninstall Discord – Complete Guide

How to Uninstall Discord

Before going to that, how to Uninstall Discord if you don’t know what is Discord? So let’s start with the Discord: Discord is a popular application designed for gamers. It is an American application designed by Janson Citron. It provides an excellent and fantastic platform …

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How to report someone on Discord?

How to report someone on Discord

Unlike any other platform that has the same rules for all, Discord is something different. Since it has entirely consisted of servers, every server has its own set of both specific and global rules that every user must have to follow. For instance, Discord will …

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Spoiler Tag Discord – Complete Guide

Spoiler Tag Discord

Are you wondering about what is Spoiler Tag Discord, and want to know more about it? We have covered you all. Below you will find everything that you need to know about the Spoiler Tag Discord feature; Discord offers an overwhelming amount of features, and …

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Groovy Discord Bot Complete Guide

Groovy Discord Bot

This post will help you to know Groovy Discord bot, how to install and add it, and how to use it on Discord. Arguably, Discord is the greatest feature-rich platform available around for gamers and people who love to chat. The platform stormed to popularity …

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