Best Discord Chat Commands | Complete Guide

In this article we will discuss best discord chat commands. so let’s start! As it is known that discord is communicating software moreover, it is also known that it has dating servers through which we can communicate for many other purposes. It is also necessary for a user to know how to make words underline, bold, and italic. Moreover, in discord chat colored typing is also a kind of fun. Like IRS discord come with a set of slash commands that you can use to yourself and also useful things can be done for GIFs or read text aloud. Better yet, you can add bots to your discord server to get even more functionality out of your server. here some of the most useful commands for discord.

Discord Chat Commands
Discord Chat Commands

Best Discord Chat Commands:

There are lot of discord chat commands, we have selected mostly used one and explained below:

/giphy | Search Any term in Discord chat

/giphy command can be used for some animated GIFs. In this user will find gif files, then click the file which the user wants, and press enters to send in the chatroom.

/nick Set New Nick Name in Discord

This command changes the name present on display on the server. Then the user can enter any nickname which he wants to use it.

/tts For Message

Discord allows users to chat with voice; however, in this scenario, some of the users may not have the microphone facility, so this command will allow the software to read it aloud in the chatroom instead of just a written message.

/table flip,/unflip,and/shrug  

The tableflip command will paste the emoji in the channel. However, the unflip command will share the emoji on the channel. Moreover, the shrug command will put on the channel.

Use Dyno bot to Add Basic Commands

Dyno bot

These are a few basic commands, but if a user wants more fun, then he have to ad bots to the server. For the demonstration of the bot here, we take the most powerful bot Dyno.

How To login Dyno

how to login dyno bot
how to login dyno bot

First of all, you need to invite Dyno bot to the server. For this purpose, click on it. Then you have to decide which server you want to go with. Then you have to give the required permissions later on. You can deny it if in case you find it malicious or it is threatening your pc. Finally, discord will ask you to prove that you are not a robot. After the invitation, you will get a message about how to use it. Now it is set up, so here some commands for Dyno Bot.

?ban user limit reason

This ban lets the moderators ban the users from the server. Moreover, the final comments will be seen by the latter


This command can ban and unban any user immediately. This has the ability to clear out all the messages from the servers.


This command kicks a user out of the server. It is not like a ban a user can get back immediately if an invite has been sent by anyone in it.


This command can mute a user so he cannot be able to speak. It also can add a time limit to expire the mute.


Discord has a feature of roles to distinguish groups of users from one another.


This command removes the role from the server whoever had it and took this role away from everyone who had it.


This command lets the user assign some role to anyone, unlike delrole where the command removes the role of everyone from them.


This command lets a user add songs that he wants to play, and after this, he is going to hear this in a voice channel.

?queue list

This command will show which song is in the queue list right now.


After entering this command, Dyno will start a link to the first result on Google. 

Text formatting in discord

It is important for a person to know how to bold, italicized, underline, and strikethrough text. As it is known, it is an important phenomenon that how to do text formatting in discord. Moreover, now I am going to show you some basic ways on how to manage the text formatting.

How to bold text in discord

To create the bold text, all a user has to do is to start and end the text with two asterisks(*). And here the asterisk is shift+ 8.

How to italicize the text in discord

In discord to italicize the written text, a user is required to put asterisk again, but this time only one asterisk is required. As it is said earlier for the bold text, we use two asterisks as **for bold text**. However, for italicizing text, we use singe asterisk as *for italic text*.

How to make a text bold and italicized at a time

To make your text bold and italicize on the same time is an easy task for that purpose we use three asterisks which means that two asterisks for bold text and one asterisk for italicizing text as ***for bold and italic text ***

How to underline text in discord

For the purpose of underlining text, a person requires to use two underscores (__). It can be shown as __underlined text__

How to create strikethrough text in discord

For this purpose of strikethrough, we use the tilde(~)key. And a user can type two tildes cross out or ‘strike through’ the text you type. It can be written as ~~crossed out~~ tet.


These chat commands defined in the article are quite informative and can make it easy for a newcomer to using discord freely. As it is known that discord is communicating software moreover, it is also known that it has dating servers through which we can communicate for many other purposes. It is also necessary for a user to know how to make words underline, bold, and italic.

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Q. Why are chat commands important for the discord?

Chat commands are really important for the purpose of communication, and it can take care of it outrightly. These commands also inculcate emojis and other fun material.

Q. How to bold the text in discord chat?

It can be created bold by adding two asterisks before and after the written text in it.